While ASM practices are on the rise around the world, most notably within protected areas, no coordinated or systematic effort exists to curb its the distressing environmental impacts.

Filling this void, WWF and Estelle Levin Ltd. have partnered to produce concrete improvements in critical ecosystems by reducing the ecological and social damage caused by ASM, whilst building on ASM’s economic, social, and empowerment potential.

Programme Objectives

The ASM-PACE Programme has the following objectives:

  1. Characterise the short- and long-term environmental impacts of artisanal mining on protected areas and sensitive ecosystems at the regional and global scale and on the people who depend on these ecosystems.
  2. Characterise the short-and long-term social impacts of artisanal mining on supply chain operators and their stakeholders, paying particular attention to ASM’s impact on vulnerable groups, such as indigenous peoples.
  3. Identify potential solutions and alternative approaches through assessment of past efforts (both successes and failures) to address the identified short and long-term environmental and social impacts.
  4. Develop a platform for constructive dialogue with all stakeholders and facilitate win-win solutions for ecological impact mitigation and socio-economic development.
  5. Produce concrete improvements in sensitive ecosystems through sustainable solutions that reduce the ecological and social damage caused by ASM, whilst building on its economic, social, and empowerment potential.
  6. Identify practical recommendations for improving governance through national and regional policy reform and institutional strengthening based on project findings.
  7. Make publicly available a resource base for others to use who wish to understand and address this issue, including practical tools, such as guidance documents, methodological tools, e-newsletters and knowledge products.

Our Principles

Conducting Research - Through the use of a scientific foundation of knowledge and participatory methods, we diagnose issues and identify practical solutions.

Providing Technical Assistance - We provide technical advice and implementation assistance to stakeholders facing this issue. We work to help policy-makers, governments, multi-lateral organizations, miners and conservationists understand the links between mining, development, and conservation and find ways to workably balance all three.

Creating a Long Lasting Community - We want to disseminate our ideas in order to foster awareness on ASM in “PACE” contexts. We aim to engage in dialogue those stakeholders interested and willing to affect change.