Artisanal and Small-scale Mining in Itombwe Nature Reserve, DRC (FRENCH)

Itombwe Nature ReserveThis report is a field-based scoping study on ASM in the Itombwe Nature Reserve (Reserve Naturelle d’Itombwe or RNI): a critical ecosystem  in South Kivu, DRC.  The RNI is a proposed protected area  which forms a portion of the Itombwe Massif. The Massif is the largest area of uninterrupted forest in the African Great Lakes region, and in Africa as a whole.  Its delimitation is still awaiting final approval by the State.

The aims of this report are to (1) better understand ASM in the RNI by identifying its causes, characteristics and impacts; (2) identify lessons learned from prior efforts -both in the Itombwe Reserve and in other protected areas and critical ecosystems- to address challenges and build on opportunities associated with ASM; (3) identify field-based case study and programme opportunities in support of or partnered with Congolese organizations to address issues on the ground.

In addition to our publication you can see our presentation given to the Africa Biodiversity Collaborative Group in Washington, D.C., October 2011 (in English).  Please click here.