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There are an estimated 20 million artisanal miners in the world today

ASM's contribution to the global production of minerals include:

  • 80% of all sapphires
  • 20% of all gold
  • up to 20% of all diamonds.

There are at least 24 types of minerals being mined artisanally in "PACE" locations.

ASM-PACE Study Areas

"ASM occurs in approximately 80 countries and in PACE in 32 of 36 countries studied by us."

In or around 96 of 147 protected areas in these countries.

Affected sites include at least 7 natural World Heritage Sites and at least 12 WWF Priority Landscapes.

ASM is occurring in or impacting a wide range of critical ecosystems, including arctic landscapes (Greenland), tropical rainforests (Brazil and Gabon, among many others), coral reefs (Philippines) and more.

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